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Wood Whimsey

Antique Carved Wood Whimsey~Arrow Thru Stump~Folk Art


Vintage Hand Made Folk Art Whimsy” Wood Caged Ball Rattle Carved From One Piece


Antique Folk Art Hand Carved Four Balls in Four Cages Whimsy


Vintage Folk Art whimsey Wood Owl w/moving Wings


Vintage Animated Ptd Wood Whirl-A-Gig Whimsey Folk Art Man Sawing Wood Michigan


Antique MALE NUDE Doll Head TORSO Carved Wood TRAMP FOLK ART WHIMSY Sculpture




Vintage Folk Art Hand Carved Wood Whimsy Two Monkeys Hanging in a Tree


Wood Carving, Tree Spirits, Wood Spirits, Hobo Art, Whimsy, Whimsical Carving


Carved Whimsy Whittled Wood One-of-a-Kind Folk Art Vintage Ball in Cylinder


Antique Folk Art Hand Carved Picture Frame with Whimseys – AAFA New England


Lot of 24 Fun Vibrant Folk Art Birds Garden Whimsy, Hand Painted, c. 1960's


Antique Folk Art Hand Ball in Cage Whimsey – AAFA – New England


Early Date 1818 Antique Hand Carved Folk Art Whimsey Chain/Balls In Cage/Symbols


Lot of 3 Fun Vibrant Folk Art Birds Garden Whimsy, Hand Painted, c. 1960's


Antique 1880s New England Folk Art Carved Painted Puzzle Balls Cage Whimsy aafa


Lot of 12 Fun Vibrant Folk Art Birds Garden Whimsy, Hand Painted, c. 1960's


Vintage Glass Bottle Folk Art Whimsey


Vintage Snow Scene in a Bottle Whimsey made with Old Trade Cards


Extraordinary detailed marquetry fraternal whimsey MORE


An extraordinary bottle whimsey of a house. Great detail, difficult construction


Interesting unusual carved whimsy cube w/circular openings 6 pointed star inside


Complex bottle whimsey w/large detailed ship in port w/several buildings, crane.


US Marines memorial carved whimsey chain, 5 feet, 9 1/2" w/letter by the maker.


An Unusual figural whimsey carving with two caged balls and man's head on top.


A large staff with 2 carved animal heads, 3 sections many whimsey balls-in-cages


Antique Giant Early Folk Art Carved Puzzle Balls Cage Whimsy


Vintage Chair in Qt Liquor Bottle Folk Art SIGNED Greavu Whimsy 12" Hand Carved


Three carved whimsey chains by the same maker in great condition and look.


A Small bottle whimsey with a brightly painted train inside long, narrow bottle.




Molinillo Mexican Chocolate Cocoa Mixer Wisk, Wooden Whimsey


A really nice Bottle whimsey with an axe, saws, gun, spears, and more. Fills up.


Large carved whimsy with a bold look: two handled vase w/two links from a yoke.


French bottle whimsey with two orchard workers picking apples.


Unusual carved cedar whimsey of a man and woman joined with linking heads.


Wonderful intricate bottle whimsey 4 men playing dominoes 2 musicians, pig roast


An extraordinarily elegant, late 1800's, carved whimsy with very fine detail.


Very detailed bottle whimsy Cuban coat of arms intricately pieced pedestal stand


Bottle whimsy containing two crosses, two spear shaped uprights, and a ladder.